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pecas talking to myself self-portrait

Pecas’ “Talking To Myself” is a mesmerizing song of lost lust

“Talking To Myself” is taken from pecas’ debut album, due out in 2022. Brooklyn-based artist Sandy Davis, aka Pecas, has

Pecas Hired Gun

Pecas releases “Hired Gun”, a swirling rumination on love in the modern age

Brooklyn-based artist Pecas‘s new single, “Hired Gun,” is out now. Self-described as ‘gothic nova’, Madrid-born, Brooklyn-based artist Sandy Davis AKA

Harrison Lipton Pecas With U

Harrison Lipton and Pecas dance their love contradictions away on “With U”

Harrison Lipton‘s self-released new track, “With U”, is out now. One month ago, we introduced you to Harrison Lipton, a

HighClouds Best Tracks EPs Mixtapes Albums of 2019

HighClouds: Best Tracks of 2019 [so far]

It is unbelievable but true: one half of 2019 is already behind us. Here are our favourite tracks of the

Baseball Gregg The Movies Pecas William Corduroy

Baseball Gregg collaborate with Pecas and William Corduroy for “The Movies”

Baseball Gregg‘s “The Movies” is the fourth episode of their monthly project Calendar. Consisting of Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan,

HighClouds mixtape Pastel Bouquet


It’s February 21, time for a soothing new mixtape. Be ready for some chillwave, indie pop and electropop chill bops.

Pecas T-Shirt - video

Bedroom R&B artist Pecas explores obsessive love on “T-Shirt”

Pecas‘ new song “T-Shirt” is out now via Broken Circles. Pecas is the moniker of Brooklyn-via-Madrid artist Sandy Davis. Earlier