Bearoid shares funky upbeat new single “Waiting For You”

Spanish rising pop star Bearoid is a regular when it comes to long distance relationships. In his new track “Waiting For You”, he shares the thrill of waiting for your beloved one after you haven’t seen each other for a while.

The artist has always based his tracks on true stories as a way to free himself from them. Sharing his own path in life, it is not difficult for his fans to relate to him. The track evolves around an upbeat funky beat, reminding how the heartbeat raises to the top when the precious lover is arriving from a long journey. About it, Bearoid stated:

All my relationships have involved distance at some point. I started living with my girlfriend but she had to go back to where she’s from, although we still wanted to work it out. People are somewhat afraid of distance, but I’m a regular, and although I can’t say I enjoy distance I’m optimistic and looking forward to push it through. This is not forever, this happens for a temporary reason, and love withstands distance with hope, tenderness and a little help from both parts. I guess you can call me now Dr Bearoid, PhD in Love Sciences.

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Matias Calderon

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