Big Fox announces new album, shares “The Fight”

Five years after the release of her last album, Big Fox is finally back with new material. “The Fight” is a tumultous love anthem, taken from her upcoming album “See How the Light Falls” expected later this year.

Co-produced with artist Tom Malmros, the album is said to be her most honest and heartfelt to date. Taking Big Fox‘s ideas to the next level, both manage to create a piece of art that we can’t wait to listen to. The album took some time as the artist doesn’t want to rush the creative process and feels like the world is sadly going way too far for her own music as Big Fox explained to us over an email:

Nowadays I think I’m often searching for a kind of meditative quality in the music, even though I still want it to be pop. It’s all about balance, between the words, the melody and the arrangements. It’s so easy to tip a song over if the production isn’t exactly right. I think that’s one of the reasons why I liked working with this album, since Tom Malmros and I really took the time to search for that balance.

With the current political atmosphere around the world, Big Fox was also inspired by the difficulties of living in it, as she explains:

When I was writing this album, I was dealing with things that challenged my own image of myself and people around me. Questions that really don’t have any easy answers. I was thinking a lot about violence as a means to control a situation and its longterm consequences, or observing how empathy seems to adjust to whatever circumstances we’re in. What hit me the most, was how easy it is to get used to things if the shift happens slowly enough. How quickly we start to justify and defend our actions. So some of the songs were in one sense an attempt to reverse that process, to remember my first reaction. To remind myself of what I already know.

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Matias Calderon

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