Björk shares video for second single “Blissing Me” ahead of album “Utopia”

The much-awaited ninth album “Utopia” by Icelandic artist Björk is set to be out next week via One Little Indian Records. Before its release, the artist decided to share a new single “Blissing Me” alongside a video.

Directed by Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell, the video is a stunning piece of art expected only from Björk. Following the release of her previous video “The Gate“, “Blissing Me” reminds a lot her fifth album “Vespertine”, specially the track “Aurora” by the used of harps and the sweetness of the lyrics.

You can check the tracklist of the album below and pre-order it here.

1) Arisen My Senses
2) Blissing Me
3) The Gate
4) Utopia
5) Body Memory
6) Features Creatures
7) Courtship
8) Loss
9) Sue Me
10) Tabula Rasa
11) Claimstaker
12) Paradisa
13) Saint
14) Future Forever

Matias Calderon

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