blackwave. change dimension on new single “SWANGIN'”

Hold up. The rising Belgian hip-hop duo blackwave. revealed the title track of their first LP (out this summer), “SWANGIN’”, a cosmic turn-up banger.

Blackwave., simply put, are on fire. Strengthening their brand with every track out, Jay Walker en Willem Ardui have had an ability to crank out energetic old-school or smoother tunes time and again, but their latest single takes their versatility a step further. “SWANGIN'” sees the pair’s playful and fast paced flow cascading overtop entertaining ad libs, trumpet-tinged and bass-fueled production thumping up and down.

Living the life, swerving from lane to lane, the duo’s road trip starts in Brussels (Atomium, Docks) stopping by an Asian takeaway before taking off to Mars “swangin’ in space”. After all, there’s no need for blackwave. to escape to another dimension anytime soon as their global success is just around the corner…”Who? Yeah, you!”

Check out the sci-fi and Elon Musk inspired video directed by fellow Belgians Eloi Cyuzuzo Nsanzabandi and Aäron Beyers here:

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Max Keijzer

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