Norwegian newcomers TÜ enchant on their dreamy debut “Underwater”

‘s “Underwater” is out everywhere via Kokeplate and teases an EP for 2019.

Some places just have something going on in their water… What is a mecca for forward-thinking pop artists unveiled its latest gem: , comprised of long-time friends; vocalist Erle Romundstad Mylius and drummer Oddbjørn Sponås. After 6 years of collaboration, they finally unveiled their first track “Underwater”, a delicate electro-pop song.

The undulating basshook, dusky synths and tight drum loops are lifted by the shape-shifting electronic backdrops courtesy of Magnus Børmark. The effort capitalizes on the changing atmospheres and fitful key-changes situating the Copenhagen-based pair on the left-field spectrum of Scandinavian pop. Percolating through the mist of dreamy sonics is the crystalline traits of Erle‘s vocals emitting a bit of magic in similar fashion to fellow Norwegian songstress, Aurora. The figurative imagery of her lyrics evoke there is light at the end of the tunnel.

About the track stated:

‘Underwater’ is our first attempt at writing what we think is a pop track. We spent quite some time together, experimenting with the synth-parts, and in the end we found ourselves in a really nice synth-space somewhere between Toto and Stranger Things.

Max Keijzer

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