Newcomer Benz wallows in nostalgia on slow-burning single “The Smile”

“The Smile” comes ahead of Benz‘s first EP “Erazor” scheduled for spring 2019 via Better Call Rob.

Malmö-based Ebba Salomonsson isn’t about regurgitating the Scandi-pop sound dominating the charts. Instead, she washes this tendancy away with an escapade into awry polyphony and increasingly potent dreamy soundscapes. Restless drums paired with sustained pianos and brass flourishes give off a cinematic feel, and, alongside the Swedish singer’s breathy vocals, the piece brings some nostalgic notions about.

Benz’s use of all these different organic instruments gives it a timelessness that is certainly further exacerbated by the nostalgia that it conjures up. With the latter and longing working as a roadmap for getting through it all, the effort succeeds in encapsulating this sentimental space with a warming tranquility growing in some sort of mayhem at last. It takes some time to warm up to it but when all the layers culminate, “The Smile” leaves a lasting mark.

The new track arrives with moving visuals directed by Ebba Ågren, from the duo Wy, who stated:

To me the song feels like when you finally let go of something you have kept inside you for a long time, and I wanted the video to embody that feeling. I wanted to portray the unsureness and the tenseness of a friendship evolving into something more. For me this song was a love story, and I’m really glad that Benz allowed me to interpret it like one.

Max Keijzer

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