Born Days just wanna know “How to Disappear”

“How to Disappear” is taken from Born Days‘ upcoming debut album, My Little Dark, out October 6 via AudioSport Records.

We’ve been following the Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter, and producer Melissa Harris‘ music project Born Days for a while now, and we can’t wait to listen to the conceptual dreamwave goth-pop artist’s debut album, which is out this Friday. In the lead-up to the release, we’ve already had a taste with tracks like “Deep Empty (DMT Feelings)” and the mesmerizing title track. Recently, Born Days unveiled her latest single, “How to Disappear,” a song that beautifully encapsulates the LP’s essence: a minimalistic sonic journey overflowing with intense emotions.

Have you ever yearned to vanish completely, if only for a fleeting moment, amidst the turmoil of emotional distress? While scientific teleportation isn’t an option just yet, “How to Disappear” was crafted as a musical remedy to navigate those painful thoughts.

“I wrote this song while going on very long walks every day during a dark period in my life, maybe even for 2-3 hours sometimes,” explains Harris about the inspiration of “How To Disappear”. “I live about a 10-minute walk from Lake Michigan and I would go there and watch the waves and record them every day. The sound of the water always felt really soothing, especially when you want to disappear from the world and join the clouds and the trees in their unknowing state. It’s that feeling when you don’t want to live anymore, but you also don’t want to die, it’s just the in-between where you wish you could just disappear and join the vapor breezes. Life can be very unkind sometimes, and it’s hard to know what to do when you’re feeling really down.”