Calling all sad people, take a listen to deer scout’s technicolor track “sad boy”

Artist deer scout sounds like something straight out of a dream. With vocals giving off vibes of artists like Diet Cig and Big Thief, it’s the personal project of Philadelphia artist Dena Miller. Adding to their repertoire is the new track “sad boy”, and it’s a multicolored, technicolor, hazy dream.

The lyrics of the track are sung in the point of view of the stereotypical ‘sad indie boy’ (hence the song title “sad boy”), and pokes fun at the whole concept. The indie-alternative music scene (especially from what I’ve seen from artists and shows I’ve been to) is flooded with skinny white indie boys who are pretentious as hell and are lauded for their emotional deepness. deer scout is riffing on the concept of how the ‘sad boy’ is usually praised for their emotional rawness and vulnerability, whereas women/trans folk/nonbinary folk are usually brushed aside when they bare themselves emotionally through their art. Emotive art is traditionally considered “feminine” so it’s not as praised when someone who is female presenting shows an emotional side. “sad boy” is the anthem for all the sad women/trans/nonbinary folk out there, and how their art is just as damn good.

The music is gentle and light-hearted and it sounds like it’s bobbing around in a bright blue ocean on a sunny day. There’s a almost an old-fashioned video game quality to the way the music sounds. The music is a mix of lo-fi, almost vintage sounds with a modern twist. It’s almost ironic the song’s called “sad boy” with a melody this vibrant. Almost. There’s still a subtle sadness and loneliness seeping through the music from the almost longing way Miller sings. It wraps around you, like a lazy fog floating sleepily through the quiet morning air. The whole vibe really breathes life into the idea of the ‘sad indie boy’. The music is pleasantly refreshing, something you don’t quite expect or have seen around much. The subtle combination of the bright music with vocals that have a nostalgic feel to them brings a wonderful array of nuances to this track.

The music video accompanying the track is honestly a work of art. Directed by Haftom Khasai and Nick Morgan, we follow a bespectacled Dena Miller who is sporting bright blue lipstick, as they wander through the night surrounded by bright streetlights and the flashing lights of the arcade machines. They are clutching a 40 ounce bottle of beer in the typical sad boy indie fashion and even makes their way to a party. It’s honestly really beautiful and unique in it’s own way and I’ve replayed it several times. The lights and colors come together in the most wonderful way and the artist seems like a really chill person.

I honestly can’t believe I haven’t listened to Deer Scout before this, and I’m stoked I did. She is one cool indie fit with refreshingly unique music. They seem genuinely cool (be my friend) and their voice is smoooooooth and easy to listen to. Even if you aren’t a so-called ‘sad boy’, you should really give “sad boy” a listen!

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