Caroline Loveglow debuts with swirling and expansive cut “Patience Etc…”

San Diego newcomer Caroline Loveglow unveils her dreamy debut track “Patience Etc…” out today via 100% Electronica.

After discovering her love for music at the tender age of 7, when she first picked up the guitar, this protege became an artist in the making when her passion for poetry morphed into a songwriting ability. Earning her stripes in open mics around San Diego, Caroline Loveglow also decided to move away from the music execs, taking matters into her own hands. She now produces and writes everything herself, her music being a vessel for her innermost thoughts and feelings.

Citing artists such as Radiohead, The Cure, and Brian Eno as influences, it’s no wonder that her sound is one of dreamlike melancholy and swelling introspection. Her first single, “Patience Etc…,” showcases this oeuvre to the fullest. She says of the anxious energy that sits underneath the track: “There’s this sort of melancholy feeling that’s been present since I was little. I fight with it all the time, but I don’t think I would be able to write without it.”

Picked up by 100% Electronica – the label slash vaporwave mothership founded by George Clanton and Lindsey French AKA Negative Gemini – “Patience Etc…” combines elements of dream pop and new wave to create a swirling world for the dreamers and deep thinkers. Melding synths, swelling tones and that piercing, stoic, pounded piano key, the soundscape works with the lyrics to create a ruminative and safe space, where, despite her anxious need to question, Caroline Loveglow can expand her mind.

Asking “Do you still believe? Do you still believe Your mind is holy?”, Caroline Loveglow lets her mind take its own line of thought, inquiring mostly after what we can safely assume is a lover, or ex-lover. Lines such as the incredibly catchy chorus of “If you don’t mind, if you don’t mind/I want to see daylight through your eyes” emulate simplicity yet immense poetry, whilst her vocals propel the listener into the freeing and expansive galaxy of “Patience Etc…”.

Rachel Chandler