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Indie Bands Digital Revolution

How Bands Are Having To Cope With the Digital Revolution

The internet has become a double-edged sword for musicians today. While it has allowed bands to reach fans more directly

irony is a dead scene-lo-fi-house

Irony Is A Dead Scene: A User’s Guide To Lo-Fi House

Let me ask you something: What would happen if weirdo internet aesthetics became attached to the faceless and humourless world


I write raps not tragedies: Finally! The emo-goth-rap hybrid you didn’t realise you were waiting for is here

In case you weren’t aware, emo is cool again. New emo bands like The Hotelier have received critical acclaim from

Stardom and mental health: A decade after Britney Spears' Breakdown

A decade ago, on February 16, 2007, pop princess Britney Spears entered Esther’s hair salon in California and asked the


The role taken by female DJs/producers in the Japanese electronic scene

Since we’re based in Belgium, thereby making us “Westerners”, we at HighClouds haven’t been exposed to a lot of the

Vulgar Display Of Power: Why Is Music Still Such A Boys' Club?

Gender in music is an odd thing to talk about. Mostly because for a long time the only visible faces

From the underground to the front stage, Drag Queens conquer the mainstream

The last season of one of the most successful shows around drag queen culture has ended just a few weeks

Music streaming war: challenges, sustainability, (r)evolution

Let’s discuss the music streaming industry a bit: its current actors, its challenges, and how a startup named Resonate is