Chairlift – Romeo (Empress Of Remix)

Hey folks, did you see that our beloved Empress Of remixed “Romeo” by Chairlift? “Romeo” is the second single taken from the band’s second album “Moth”.

The remix stays quite close from the original but Empress Of added her own smooth electro-oceanian beats and identity to the song. It could even give us some vibes from Björk‘s album “Medula” in term of this whole aquatic atmosphere.

In case you’re a new follower of the website, did you actually see that Empress Of has two songs in our TOP100 of the best tracks of 2015? One of the songs is even our #1! More information here.

Chairlift‘s impressive single “Moth To The Flame” was even #1 of our HighClouds30 at some point. Check our charts here.

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