Charli XCX debuts her quarantine album with glitchy love ballad “forever”

“forever” is the first single taken from Charli XCX‘s new project, currently titled How I’m Feeling Now and due out May 15.

A few months ago, Charli XCX told her fans that she was planning to release two albums in 2020. And then, Covid-19 put the whole world on hold… Nevertheless, a global pandemic is certainly not enough to prevent the British artist from changing the future of pop music. She recently announced during a ZOOM call with 1000 fans that she was working on a highly collaborative quarantine mixtape, currently named How I’m Feeling Now and produced by A.G. Cook and BJ Burton. By experience, we know that Charli is at her best on her mixtapes, so this got us pretty excited.

After a series of video teasers about the creation of the track in real-time, she has now dropped the first single, “forever.” With glitchy textures that reflect the chaos and distress the world is currently facing, the intimate ballad is actually a love letter dedicated to her current boyfriend, Huck Kwong. After Love in the Time of Cholera, here’s a very own version of Love in the Time of Coronavirus: a forward-thinking pop response to forced isolation and long-distance relationships.

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