Charli XCX shakes up the funeral home in “Good Ones” video

“Good Ones” is the lead single of Charli XCX’s new album, expected to be released in 2022.

Over the last years, Charli XCX has become the poster girl of the hyperpop scene with four iconic mixtapes and one album. Actually, she became so close to the PC Music constellation that some of us almost forgot that she has a major deal and that she probably has to release more commercial releases, in the vein of her polarizing record Sucker. By introducing her new era with a funeral theme (there’s a grave with “March 2022” written on it – maybe the end of her contract?) and a mysterious tweet (RIP hyperpop?), the English singer-songwriter sets the tone: the underground Charli XCX is gone -“I have to go, I’m so sorry”- and leaves room for Charli the popstar. So far, her conquest of the mainstream has been pretty limited though and it’s quite surprising as she’s such a respected artist and a real icon for the queer youth.

Arguably one of her most straightforward singles to date, “Good Ones” channels the synthpop and 80s revival recently initiated by Dua Lipa and The Weeknd. Luckily, she’s dodged the boring popular trend of fake lo-fi and melancholy bedroom pop. Here, she goes for heavy “Sweet Dreams” vibes and explores her romantic flaws and self-sabotage in merely 2 minutes. While “Good Ones” is definitely not her best track, it’s not a bad thing for her to add this pop moment to her catalogue – she deserves the star treatment. She also came up with a great video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, in which she showcases, more than with the track, her creativity and offbeat universe. It’s decided: I want Charli to dance on my dead body at my funeral.

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