Charlotte & Magon – The Game

French-Israli duo based in Paris Charlotte & Magon shared the fun video for their b-side “The Game.”

The cosmic-pop duo have released in the past 2 years, two EPs “Egg Dance” and “Power In” where they mix electronic fun vibes with a pop twist. They produced both EPs by themselves, taking a good place in the Parisian indie scene. In the video for “The Game”, Charlotte & Magon decided to switch roles and gender as Magon delivers a quirky lip-sync and Charlotte, who is usually the main singer, goes to just play the music this time. Playing with fun characters, the duo is showing how euphoric their music is and they would like to invite their fans to join them. So DANCE!

You can follow Charlotte & Magon over Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter. You can listen to the audio below.

Matias Calderon

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