Chet Porter’s remix of “Love Is Alive” will warm you like the sun

The remix of Louis The Child’s track “Love Is Alive” (featuring Elohim) by Chet Porter perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the warm afternoon sun of late summer melting into your skin.

The artist is a Toronto-based musician who is currently dominating the electronic scene. He is quickly becoming one of the recognizable names in electronic music, along with electronic pop duo Louis The Child. I’m personally a fan of both musical acts, and especially the song “Love Is Alive”. Chet Porter takes that track, and transforms it to something of his own.

Louis The Child’s original version of “Love Is Alive” is super chill, slower track. My favorite part is the super solid bassline that really packs a punch.  It had a much more laid-back, muted vibe to it. He takes the cooler, fall feel to the original and injects some summer and sun to it.

Deviating a bit from the indie-pop sound he typically infuses into his music, Chet Porter forays (successfully) into some unfamiliar territory, away from his comfort zone. He tries out a heavier, more synthy type of sound. The bassline is bouncy and pulsates through the build ups and the drops. The synths saturate through the track, and bring in something sparkling and bright. If it could be described as a flavor, it would be something sweet and effervescent. The vocals are faded, and almost echoey. There’s a particular distinctness to them. Elohim has a voice that’s really pleasant, and works really well with the music, blending and immersing itself with the sounds. There’s a warmth to the words she sings, but there’s also a very clear-cut crispness to the quality as well.

Chet Porter preserves the sweet and soothing nature of the original version of “Love Is Alive”, but injects a brilliant and dance-y energy to it.

There’s so much energy to his remix and can’t help but evoke the feeling you get when the afternoon sun gently kisses you from your fingertips to your forehead. It’s radiant and seeps through your body, warming you inside out. “Love Is Alive” really is just one of those “feel good” songs. He preserves the sweet and soothing nature of the original, but injects a brilliant and dance-y energy to it. As the last couple days of the summer slowly wind down, and the world is rapidly approaching the apocalypse, this honestly quite lovely remix of “Love Is Alive” by Chet Porter will remind me that there’s still love worth dancing for out there.

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Sree Kariyadan

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