Cote – Golden Hour

Following her debut singles “Green Light” and “London,” Cote has released a follow-up track titled “Golden Hour.” The track evokes visuals of watching a loved one change and gradually slip and eventually fade away while feeling incapable and disheartened.

With her expressive vocals delicately lacing the scant production with well-crafted verses oozing emotions and a chorus anchored by a mild falsetto. The new song has been gaining garnering great reviews from bloggers and magazines alike.

Cote explains about the track:

For me, “Golden Hour” is a snapshot of very difficult, but distant time in my life. We all have songs that transport us to a specific memory or time and this song does that for me. My life has changed drastically since writing “Golden Hour,” but I can still tap into the same feelings of loss every time it starts to play.

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Bonus: You can listen below to her previous tracks “Green Light” and “London.”

Matias Calderon

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