Cousin Kula address relationship insecurities on groovy “Staying With You”

“Staying With You” is taken from Cousin Kula‘s upcoming sophomore album, Vitamin D, out March 15 via Rhythm Section Intl.

After their debut alum, Double Dinners, which was centered around breakup, Cousin Kula are ready to fall in love again on their solar sophomore effort. “We really wanted this album to be playful and fun, not taking itself too seriously,” explains singer Elliot Ellison. “Be representative of us as a group and the energy we have when just goofing around, for that to be something you feel in the music too. Lyrically it covers many themes but especially steps into ‘Happy Love Songs’, which feels like a new venture for us.”

Before unveiling Vitamin D in March, the Bristol-based band has just shared a new single, “Staying With You.” On the comforting song, keyboardist Will Wells has stepped up to lead vocal duties for the first time. “It’s a song of reassurance – speaking to an anxious heart, addressing relationship insecurities with resolve and love,” he explains. Listen to the groovy track below.