Crumb’s latest single takes us on a sweetly psychedelic “Ghostride”

“Ghostride” is the third single from Crumb’s upcoming album Jinx, set to be self-released on June 14.

Following up on “Nina” and “Part III”, Crumb are back with another single taken from their upcoming self-released new album. This new offering, “Ghostride,” is a mellow, dreamy plea, featuring the intricate guitar riffs, eerie synth, and gently psychedelic sound that fans of the Brooklyn four-piece have come to love. Its tone is a bit slower and sleepier than anything on their two EPs, Crumb (2016) and Locket (2017); vocalist Lila Ramani’s low, quiet vocals and a steady, reserved snare rhythm make “Ghostride” feel like the final echoing thoughts in your mind before you finally fall asleep.

One of the most enjoyable things about listening to Crumb is picking out all the unique, layered instrumental flourishes sprinkled throughout the track. “Ghostride” is especially rewarding in this way. It’s clear that all the members are in conversation with one another throughout the song: a ringing synth note in response to the lyrics, a rapid, improvised strum pattern in response to a new melody, a sudden cymbal crash in the middle of a phrase. The song only gets better and better with each new listen.

While its sound exists in the world of daydreams, the song’s lyrics are firmly planted in the human realm: they reflect the longing ebb and flow of two people living their days on autopilot and growing apart, an all-too-familiar reality for so many of us. “Come on now, don’t let this go / Don’t let my love fade away / People come and people go / But I’m staying,” they sing. Listen below.

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