Cuntrie explores fragile masculinity in “Oh Boy” video

“Oh Boy” is taken from Cuntrie‘s upcoming debut EP, Scrapbooking, due out January 22 on Feverish.

Wy‘s Ebba Gustafsson Ågren has recently launched her career in solo as Cuntrie. In a few days, the Swedish artist will release her debut EP, Scrapbooking, which she describes as “a collage of a lot of things.” About the project, she added:

The themes range from childhood nostalgia and nightmares to fragile masculinity and dead hamsters. It’s a very honest record, even though some of the subjects may seem small and trivial. I often use trivial references to talk about bigger subjects when writing my songs. I like the balance between being playful and silly on one hand and being very serious on another. Everything I write needs to be true because I don’t like to lie.

Following up to her touching letter “The Singer” and her narrative-driven single “Spider,” she has now returned with “Oh Boy,” a DIY and minimalist new offering which deals with the concept of masculinity. Watch the accompanying visuals below.

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