Danielle Deckard shared marriage-free new video for "Put That Ring Away"

Sydney-based artist Danielle Deckard shared an interesting video for her song “Put That Ring Away.” Fighting the stereotypes appropriated to our genres, the video shows that all girls are not just looking to get married. They also play with genders since in this video, girls get to play the role of boys and boys the role of girls.

“Put That Ring Away” is a song about relationships and how each of us can decide about the direction we want to take for the future of it. Marriage is not necessarily the only path for social validation and no one should be encouraged to tide the nod. Basically, the right to choose.

About the track, Danielle Deckard told us over an email:

There is this stereotype that all women dream of their wedding day and wearing “the white dress.” While some do, I never have, and I know many other women share this viewpoint. I’ve never felt like getting married is something that will validate me as a person, or my role in my relationship and within my family. I think everyone should be able to get married if they want to. But choosing not to get married should not be treated as the abnormal, the unconventional. You know what I mean – the 30 year old single woman goes to the family party and everyone asks her when she’s FINALLY going to find someone, so she doesn’t wind up a cat lady, or an old spinster. Meanwhile the 30 year old single man is a bachelor – a word that holds such positive connotations. Or maybe it’s the 30 year old woman who lives with her partner of several years, always getting asked when she’s finally going to “pin him down.”

You can follow Danielle Deckard over Facebook and Soundcloud. You can listen to the audio and see the artwork below.

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