DAUNT shares “Drive”, announces debut EP “Unbearable Light”

After sharing a few sounds over Soundcloud, London-based artist DAUNT is ready to take a step forward and announces the release of his debut EP “Unbearable Light” via London label Beatnik Creative and the the first single “Drive” sets already an incredible mood.

Gifted with the power of creating slow pop melodies with a touch of R&B vibes, the track seems to be influenced by classic hip-hop and 70s funk bass lines. After reaching more than 400k listens with his first track “This Body Rushes”, the least we can say is that the internet is following the release of this EP with a lot of attention.

You can follow DAUNT on Spotify / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud. You can also go see him live for the EP launch show at the Waiting Room in London, on April 26th.

Matias Calderon

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