Day Wave (KEXP Live Performance)

A long time ago, we were talking about how much we love Day Wave. His very refreshing West Coast indie rock tracks have been kicking pretty hard the radio thanks first to his debut EP “Headcase” and then thanks to his cover of New Order‘s track “Ceremony“. Before starting his tour in Seattle, he made a quick stop at KEXP to play live a few tracks.

For our American fans, it is too late to see him live since his US tour is over, but for some Europeans fans, it is still time! If you want to see our pretty faces, catch with us in Ghent!

Nov 04 Fleche d’Or, Paris, France
Nov 05 Red Gallery, London, Uk
Nov 09 Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 10 Café Video, Ghent, Belgium

You can see here the tracklist of this live session:

1) Drag
2) Total Zombie
3) We Try But We Don’t Fit In
4) Headcase
5) Ceremony

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