DESSERT announce physical release with USB inside custom bunny candle

LA based trio Dessert have launched a childlike project that involves hand crafted limited edition candle art as well as pop songs. The group partnered with artist Kelsey Isaacs on the candle design and creation which is 8 pound and 9 inches tall, and houses the record.

The group is still buzzing from the reception their “Back Around/Devil” video directed by Alex Lill and starring sumo wrestler Manny Yarbourgh is getting. Speaking of the candle business, the trio explained that:

It’s like, would you rather own a vinyl record, or a beautiful thing that’s unlike anything else you’ve ever held. People deserve better. This is the future of merchandise.

For the release of it, the group shared the fun video for “Eyes Wide Shut” that will be release in a USB key inside of a candle that fans should be able to extract.

You can follow Dessert on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Bonus: You can listen to their previous track “Cookie” below.

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