Eartheater returns on PAN with dramatic avant-pop cut “Below the Clavicle”

Eartheater‘s new track, “Below The Clavicle,” is out today on PAN.

Last year, Eartheater graced us with her amazing Trinity mixtape, self-released via her own label Chemical X. Today, the New York City-based artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist returns on Berlin-based imprint PAN with a brand new single, “Below the Clavicle”.

On this dramatic avant-pop offering, Eartheater plays the guitar and delivers her bewitching, soaring vocals. She’s also surrounded by LEYA‘s Marilu Donovan on harp and a chamber orchestra. About the meaning of the track, she explained:

I wrote ‘Below the Clavicle’ when I was waiting to understand more about a situation before talking about it — when the meaning was still below the clavicle and hadn’t made it up to my head yet. The understanding was still underground — forging in my heart and gut. In my upcoming album, I thought a lot about lava and volcanoes and the formation of stone and mountains.

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