Eartheater shares majestic and poignant new track “Volcano”

“Volcano” is taken from Eartheater‘s new albumn, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, out October 2 on PAN.

Queens-based avant-pop artist Eartheater recently announced a new album on PAN, where she brings back guitar performance at the heart of her music after a few electronic-driven projects. After “How To Fight” and “Below The Clavicle“, she’s now unveiling the final advance single “Volcano” which directly resonates with the geological inspiration behind the album. Comparing her contradictory inner feelings to tectonic plates, the artist is “trying to reconcile the pinnacles of her ambition with the comforts of a simple existence buried beneath the surface”. With its turbulent lyrics and majestic vocal harmonies, the track is described as the record’s literal and emotional peak. Listen below or in our Best Tracks of 2020 playlist.