EASY LIFE’s debut “Pocket” is effortlessly cool and fondly captivating

Leicester’s quintet EASY LIFE debut with “Pocket” on Chess Club Records.

Five-piece band Easy Life wavers between pop, hip-hop, and funk music on their debut track “Pocket”, and they do it with a cheeky and effortless coolness. There’s no need to search further to understand why they signed to Chess Club for this track and we are very curious to hear the upcoming EP.

If Easy Life had the chance to sign with a label such as Chess Club though, the meaning of the track actually echoes the tougher times they had to go through to put this project out (including part-time jobs and ungrateful tasks). About “Pocket”, they detailed:

It is a 93 BPM head-nodder born out of the need to give a middle finger to those people who don’t believe in simplicity, and are only concerned with material wealth and all other vices that have made modern living that little bit less sweet. It essentially documents that terrible sinking feeling of realising you can’t quite afford to pay this month’s rent due to your own stupidity; an unsettling emotion that is unshakable, too familiar and hangs over us like a dead albatross.

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Matias Calderon

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