Eitch scans the role biology plays on how we interact together in “Retina”

Berlin-based artist Eitch shared a few days ago her last EP “Mild Fantasy Intrusion” and we litterally fell in love with her quirky twist on the electro-pop genre.

Her single “Retina” is the perfect example of her amazing skills as a producer and songwriter. Swinging between club-shaped electronic beats and catchy pop lyricism, the artist explores our perception of life depending of our biology. “My brain is breathing life into everything I see, making decisions before me, for me unconsciously,” she sings as a way to question her own decisions. About the track, Eitch told us over an email:

This is a song I started back in 2008 and stayed in love with. For a number of years I was really keen on learning about new scientific studies, and Retina’s lyrics are based on the inspiration I felt after reading a book called Biocentrism. It’s a theory which examines our biological role in how we perceive the universe, and the significance we play as human beings in our observations. While I don’t believe we’re meant to have all the answers, it really got me thinking deeply and imagining all these mind-bending possibilities!

“Retina” is taken from “Mild Fantasy Intrusion” out now. You can follow Eitch over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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