Ela Minus announces debut album, shares “el cielo no es de nadie” video

Ela Minus‘s debut album, acts of rebellion, is out October 23 on Domino.

Colombian musician Ela Minus has just announced the release of her debut album acts of rebellion. Described as “a complex manifesto on simplicity, a call to fight, to live, to be present,” the project is set to be both political and personal by embracing the beauty of tiny acts of revolution in our everyday lives. Evolving from the tiny protest song “Juan Sant” to this frontal and very timely new album, Ela Minus has definitely gained power.

After “they told us it was hard, but they were wrong” and “megapunk“, she has also shared another pulsing track. “‘el cielo no es de nadie’ is about all the love I see in small, everyday acts,” she detailed. “It’s an invitation to appreciate unheroic, but constant and meaningful actions. The song’s title, ‘el cielo no es de nadie,’ refers to the phrase ‘I’ll give you the sky,’ a common expression used in Spanish when in love. In the song, I defy it: ‘you can’t give me the sky’ / it isn’t yours to give.”

Watch the video, that she co-directed with Pepi Ginsberg, and pre-order acts of rebellion via Bandcamp below.

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