Ela Minus’s “Juan Sant” is bright music for the dark times

Ela Minus‘s new track, “Juan Sant”, is out now.

One year after “Jamaica”, Brooklyn-via-Bogotá artist Ela Minus unveils “Juan Sant”, a comforting and thought-provoking new track just on time for the winter.

Ela Minus is Gabriela Jimeno, a Colombian artist relocated to New York City who is about to release the last instalment of an EP trilogy. Following on from First Words and Grow, she is now readying the release of the 4-track last chapter, Adapt. The names of these projects could evoke both her evolution as an artist and the challenging course of a person trying to ‘make it’ into Humanity. The Adapt EP is set to be released on February 17 via YEBO Music.

Described as “bright music for dark times,” the lead single, “Juan Sant,” sounds like a sweet revolutionary anthem to give your life a change.

About “Juan Sant”, the artist detailed on The Le Sigh, where it was premiered:

I made ‘Juan Sant’ on a moody morning. It is about me taking a step back to watch with melancholy how we tend to go in the wrong direction and worry about complicated things, (both in our daily lives as well as in the bigger picture as a society) and often forget about the simplest, most important and obvious ones. ‘All of our evolution doesn’t matter, we still can’t live if the sun doesn’t come out.’

Then, she added:

Like trying to invent a car that drives itself when we still live in a world where most of the people live in constant fear, of themselves and of each other, and no ones is telling them that it is ok, that they are not alone on that. We are all scared, we all depend on the sun to keep living, and that is all ok, we can melancholically dance our way through life. I wrote, recorded, produced and mixed this song, like all the other ones in this EP, Adapt, inside my case while moving around. I first wrote it on an isolated cabin on the mountains of Colombia and then finished the recording/production process while back in Brooklyn.

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