EMI – Hit Me

We talk about the debut track of Seattle based artist EMI called “Phantom” since we were completely intrigued by the whole mysterious character. As promised, after reaching the 100k of plays over Soundcloud of her first track, she has now shared her second track called “Hit Me” which is as promising as the first one

Continuing with the path she has trying to capture with her first track, “Hit Me” defines more her personal essence : a complete hypnotizing R&B vibe with the sweet yet sensual vocals by EMI. This track was also produced by Rex Kudo, who was already behind the production of “Phantom”, joined by Charlie Handsome and Frank Dukes.

It is easy to say that EMI has quickly made her musical choices and the special something she wants to deliver to the music industry and that’s impressive ! As for her first track, the third one will be released after “Hit Me” hits 200k plays over Soundcloud, so you know what to do !

You can still follow her over Instragram and surprise ! she has now a Twitter account !

Matias Calderon

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