Ambient artist Emma Houton announces debut album, shares “Watershed”

“Watershed” is taken from Emma Houton‘s debut album The Bath, out May 21 on Trapped Animal Records.

NYC-based newcomer Emma Houton was raised a Methodist and is the daughter to an Irish father and both the Irish folklore and her spiritual background have influenced her music. Inspired by Michael Scott’s Irish Fairy and Folk Omnibus, that she used to read as a child, her ambient soundscapes brim with escapism and a sort of enchantment. Mainly based on vocal experimentation around some of her favourite folk songs and murder ballads, her debut album, The Bath, also recalls of transcendant church choirs.

“The Bath is an exploration of the voice,” Emma Houton explained. “I play with how voices can blend and separate, and dive into the unique ways in which the human voice interacts with audio effects.” As the title of the project suggests, the themes of drowning, baptism and purification are also prominent throughout the project. Listen to the haunting first single, “Watershed,” below.

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