Essex’s new track “Roads” sounds like morning sunshine

When you first hear the name Essex, your mind shouldn’t go to the cloudy grey British county, but instead it should go straight to the colorful Las Vegas-based musical duo.

Comprising of Tyler Sherritt and Phil Goodman, Essex strive to push the boundaries and conventions of current electronic dance music. They create something free of the binds of brands and labels, which can often compromise the authenticity and innovation of the music. Out of this “music first” mentality, they released their new bass pop track “Roads”, and you can really tell they’re here to make a name and change the game.

One thing any university student can tell you, hands down, is that 8 AM classes are hard. Waking up, begrudgingly pulling yourself out of bed, and making your way down to campus every morning can be tiring, especially when your other option is still being in bed. But, honestly, having 8 AMs can be rewarding just because you’re awake to see what world is like while the morning dew hasn’t even had a chance to evaporate yet. It’s just a little past dawn, the sunshine hasn’t grown to it’s Californian monster levels, and in the meantime it’s just slowly warming up and giving you gentle kisses down your neck. The crispness of the night still hasn’t quite faded away and you can actually feel how fresh the day still is. If all those moments could be condensed into one song, you would get “Roads”.

“Roads” is as fresh and bright as morning sunshine. It’s vibrant and catchy, but not in an “in-your-face” kind of way. It feels warm and inviting, but also the synths are crisp and the bass is low and on the mark. The wonderful collision of different feelings and vibes  You can also feel that Essex‘s core focus on the music, because the music just seems so authentic. The result is a pop track that is original, but also a friendly sort of familiar.

The track opens up with ethereal vocals and gentle synths that float around like fog right above the ocean. It gets support and builds up with solid bass, springtime-esque synths, and chord progressions. It sounds like the feeling you get when the ocean is lazily lapping at your feet. The drop is pretty great. It combines the qualities of good EDM while maintaining a certain degree of lightness. The vocals fit the track in the best way possible. They have their own place in the song and making this track a pop song in its own respects, but they also allow the loveliness of the music play out as well.

If you listen to the lyrics, you can tell that “Roads” is a love song. The singer is wishfully hoping that his lover will find him again. The lyric that’s etched into your memory is “I hope you’ll always think of me”. In a similar vein, all of you should always think of Essex, because this is honestly just the start.

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Sree Kariyadan

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