Eva B. Ross evokes images of summer in balmy cut “Jim Beam Moonbeams”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Eva B. Ross is back with beautifully dusky track “Jim Beam Moonbeams”.

After her prophetic debut album Playlist For The Apocalypse, released back in 2019 pre-covid, classically trained vocalist Eva B. Ross is back with another breezy guitar track.

Showcasing Ross’s melodic vocals, “Jim Beam Moonbeams” sounds like a summer night feels. As autumn is turning to winter, this track is exactly the medicine needed to make the listener feel wistful for the summer we missed. Yet despite this, the track isn’t mournful or filled with sorrow. In fact, “Jim Beam Moonbeams” is joyous in its playful nature, full of winks and fun references to getting a little tipsy with your friends.

The easy, laid back nature of the track is in such stark contrast to the general mood of the world, that you can’t help but be transported to better, less unprecedented times; in this context, “Jim Beam Moonbeams” sounds like freedom.

Inflected with jazzy drum beats and lazy guitar riffs, it centres around these simplistic elements. The cherry on top is Eva B. Ross’s sultry yet innocent vocals; clear yet slightly hazy to match the warm tones conjured from the track’s ambience.

“Jim Abram Moonbeams” speaks to balmy evenings spent drinking more than you should and hanging out with your friends; it encapsulates the wholesome, pure love that comes from spending quality time with those you adore. At just over 2 minutes, a lot is achieved within the track. It may be short, but Eva B. Ross has created something mighty and powerful enough to abate the chill of the winter nights creeping in.

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