Experimental duo MONOMONO debut with mesmerizing track “Jouska”

In between strong experimental vibes and electronica, Antwerp-based duo MONOMONO deliver in “Jouska” a seductive first taste of what they are capable of.

Reminding the likes of Kelly Lee Owens, Kassett and Hiele, the duo don’t hesitate on bringing each one of their many influences to the table: going from a calm experimentation to a dark techno club-shaped atmosphere in just a few minutes. Formed by Hester Bolle and Anne van de Star, MONOMONO stated about the track:

“Jouska” is the hypothetical conversation, that you compulsively play out in your head. “Jouska” is the crisp analysis and the cathartic dialogue that you engage in with your own self. “Jouska” is your psychological batting cage where you can connect more deeply with people than in the small ball of everyday life.

You can follow MONOMONO over Facebook and Soundcloud.

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