Fauness creates smart pop with a curious duality on new single “Mystery”

“Mystery” is taken from Fauness‘ upcoming debut album, The Golden Ass, out October 28 on Cascine.

Soothing bird call opens the latest single “Mystery” by Fauness (performance name of Cora Gilroy-Ware). It is a serene beginning for a track that soon bounds into an ethereal electro-pop disco, complete with processed drums and sumptuous 80s indebted synth chord progressions. And still, a curious duality lies at the heart of the track, the first to be shared from her upcoming Jam City-produced debut LP. Its propulsive nature and perfectly formed vocal melodies radiate positivity, but it is streaked with an aching sadness that is hard to pin-down. It is a song of multitudes that reflects the ever competing elements of our own psyche, and something only the magic combination of words and music can express.

As synthesised squalls echo the first sounds of birdsong in the outro, we are left happy to have heard it, and to have experienced the myriad of emotions it evokes. “Mystery” and its many layers is proof that London’s Fauness is a creator of smart pop. Songs of immediacy that will last long in your memory.

Watch the self-directed video and pre-order The Golden Ass via Bandcamp below.

Craig Howieson