Flaws gives second chances to people on new track “Prove Me (Wrong)”

A year ago, we fell in love with Swedish Gothenburg-based artist Flaws thanks to his debut track “Forget About Us” and a year later, he is back with a brand new track “Prove Me (Wrong)”.

Dealing with giving second chances to people, this track as a way to convice us to give him a second chance as this track sounds like a re-birth. While “Forget About Us” sounded like a downtempo shy pop track, “Prove Me (Wrong)” is way more straight-forward, and for those who enjoy dancing into cold pop songs, this is your day! About the track, Flaws explained to us:

I wrote this song a couple of months ago. At first I thought it was pretty bad, but now it has started to grow on me. Sometimes I actually think it’s kind of okay. It’s a song about second chances, that people (almost) deserve one more try. This song is pretty important to me. I feel like it’s a fresh start. A song to wake up to, a song to go bed with.

His debut EP is coming this year, and an European tour is also on the works. For now, you can follow Flaws over Facebook and Soundcloud.

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