Drift away with Fleur bleu·e’s “Waterfall Spring”

French duo Fleur Bleu·e entices and enthralls on their dreamy, vibey new track “Waterfall Spring,” taken from their newly released album Unrequited Love.

It can often feel like nothing is easy anymore– Especially the music we listen to. We trudge through life, burdened by heavy news and complicated melodies. And then a breath of fresh air like Fleur bleu·e emerges. Their latest release, “Waterfall Spring,” is a beautiful, catchy, and wonderfully uncomplicated single that will soothe, comfort, and amaze. This track effortlessly offers a refreshing reprieve from the hardness of the world.

Fleur bleu·e are quintessentially French. This is evident not only from their beautifully accented vocals, but also the level of taste that emanates from their music. It’s not easy to sound easy, but there’s not a note in “Waterfall Spring” that sounds forced or out-of-place. This is especially impressive when you consider that Fleur bleu·e – a duo composed of Delphine Lucy Lan and Vlad Swann– just released their debut album.

The track opens with Lan‘s mellifluous voice painting vivid imagery, “On that night the moon was riding on the freeway / Yellow gray / In her eyes the silver hills were draped in candles / Preamble.” This poetic simplicity instantly draws listeners into a captivating atmosphere. Accompanied by rambling guitars and intermittent drum rolls, the music creates an airy yet somewhat melancholic ambiance, reminiscent of the bittersweet feelings that arise at the end of a beautiful yet fleeting summer day.

If the track itself isn’t enough of a treasure, Fleur bleu·e have also released an accompanying music video featuring dreamy footage from a recent trip to Los Angeles. Directed by Roxanne Gaucherand and Amal Guichard, the video is a montage of bright flowers, sun-kissed streets, and grainy footage of summertime shenanigans. It is undeniably a beautiful visual companion to the melodious track.

It’s inspiring to see an up-and-coming act put so much thought, care, and resources into their work. It’s even more heartwarming to see this level of effort pay off– Listening to “Waterfall Spring” feels like sun on skin after a long time in the dark.

Claire Greising