Florence + The Machine – Delilah


The story goes on as Florence + The Machine continues the promotion of their new album “How Big How Blue How Beautiful”.
The video for “Delilah” is the 6th Chapter of the “Odyssey”.

“this was one of the first songs Isa and I wrote for this record..while we were at Geejam studios in Jamaica. It’s based on a party we had just been to in Miami, the biblical tale of Sampson and Delilah. And the agony of the mobile phone in modern relationships”

Juggling between Biblical allusions and Satanism, or between the reality and the Madness, here is “Delilah”.

“Delilah” is the Chapter 6 of their 9 Chapters story. It started by “What Kind Of Man”, “St Jude”, “Ship To Wreck” “Queen of Peace” and “Long & Lost”.
Once again the video is directed by the talented Vincent Haycock and choreographed by Holly Blakey.

Watch “What Kind of Man”, the Chapter 1 of the “Odyssey”. The beginning when Florence started losing herself.

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