Follow the ordinary yet extraordinary life of Lost Cat in “Pastel”

Bristol-based artist Lost Cat has definitely charmed us with her lo-fi pop loveliness. After the release of her debut EP “Lelyaan” last week, she delivers a self-directed video for the lead single “Pastel”.

In the video, we get to follow the life of a cat named Fluffy who basically discovers how to live a grown-up existence. While exploring the fuzzy indie world filmed with an iPhone, the artist invites us to her own weird psychedelic sound, inspired by 1970’s music. As a way to get out of a severe anxiety period of her life, the young artist found salvation on her songwriting, creating a dreamy sound made thanks to eerie guitars and many vocal manipulations. About the video, Lost Cat told us over an email:

After spending a lot of time walking around town like a weirdo on my own with a toy cat attached to my iPhone getting strange looks from people” they decided to make it “a day in the life” instead. However stay tuned for more segments of Fluffy’s trials and tribulations in future videos!

“Lelylaan EP” is out via Precious Snowflake Records and you can listen to it here. You can also follow Lost Cat over Facebook, Twitter and Souncloud.

Matias Calderon

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