FOONYAP – Neon God

Calgary-based electronic folk artist FOONYAP unveiled her second single “Neon God” from her latest album “Palimpsest” which was released on October 21.

“Palimpest” is a reflection of the up and down journey to self-discovery as seen through her unpleasant past. The album blends her Chinese heritage with a mix of folk and electronic music to reflect the different transitions of her journey so far, which also shows her comfort with different styling and musical presentation.

Her style of music has received reviews from different sources including the FADER, which describes her music as “a tense and bespoke mixture of swampy electronics, strings, and vocals that flash with a bold volcanic brilliance.” Since releasing the singles and the album, FOONYAP will be on the road across Canada with additional stops set for the US. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Nov 25 – Montreal @ BAD LUNCH
Nov 26 – Montreal @ Breadwinner’s Garret
Nov 30 – New York @ PIANOS
Dec 3 – Toronto @ Holy Oak
Dec 9 – Victoria @ Martin Batchelor Gallery
Dec 10 – Vancouver @ The Toast Collective

Matias Calderon

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