Fyfe takes a more personal step on new track "Love You More"

After the release of his debut album “Control,” Fyfe is ready to come back with a sophomore album, set to be released this summer. He shared the first taste of it called “Love You More”.

In this new song, the artist delivers a more personal set, dealing with the death of one relative and two friends. In a travel of loss and joy, he documents his journey through his difficult time when losing people that are important in his life. Not only, the journey will be around those who sadly passed away, but also about those staying alive and the joy you get when your sight changes after close people died. The track is based around:

The voice of a parent documenting the changing relationship with a growing child. The conflicting desires to protect, but also to see them flourish. Sometimes the most loving thing is to let go.

For those lucky enough to be in London, you can go see him at Omeara, confirmed for May 4. For those not living there, you can follow Fyfe on Facebook and Twitter.

Matias Calderon

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