Georgie & Joe reintroduce themselves with Uk garage-inspired bop “STUDENT”

Georgie & Joe‘s “Student” is out via Records.

Formerly known as 0171, Joe Bedell-Brill and Georgie Hoare are reintroducing themselves as Georgie & Joe. To launch this new creative chapter, that they describe as escapist and maximalist, the Hackney avant-pop duo just released their sweaty debut single, “Student”. Bullion also contributed on some production elements and mixed the track.

“We were playing around on a synth and came across that organ sound,” explains Joe, about the UK garage-inspired track. “As soon as we started playing a riff, Georgie was improvising the line ‘I got a song that’ll make you sweat’. It just felt right. We wanted that contrast between a spacey, eerie atmosphere and a beat that calls you to dance. We called it ‘Student’ because we were in Berlin and that day we’d learned the word ‘Studentin’. The song came quickly, a feeling of wanting to dance and to be in love.”

“Student” is released via, which provides transformative space for female, queer and non-binary people to reshape culture through music.