Ghost Piss makes getting ghosted sound appealing on pulsing cut “Hardcore”

Ghost Piss releases second track “Hardcore” from upcoming debut EP Blushing presented by Styles Upon Styles.

What started out as a joke name has become beautiful “phonetic sounds” to River Allen AKA Ghost Piss. With her debut single “Beats in Bed” released in March last year, she began solidifying her new sound as Ghost Piss, a sound that was composed of distorted, underground dance pop, with a focus on going against the grain and self-reliance.

With her follow up “Hardcore” – the second to be taken from her debut EP Blushing – she showcases not only her love of music as a creative output, but also her work as a botanist in Richmond, VA. It may sound like a strange combination, but Ghost Piss thrives from the unexpected and the unconventional.

Of the inspiration for the track, Allen said: “Once upon a time I went to a bar right after work still covered in dirt. I met a cutie boy and we hit it off immediately, I’d even say we were VIBING. He jokingly made fun of my dirty gardening nails, calling them “Badger Claws”. We made plans for the following night and I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. After I got off work at the garden, I spent so long cleaning & painting my nails, embarrassed by his earlier comment. I got there and waited for an hour before I figured out I’d been stood up. Turns out his ex gf found out about our date, got jealous, and forced him to cancel. Would have been nice to get the memo before I did my nails at least :)))) His Ex sent me threats for a week after that. I saw him around BK a few months later and he pretended like we’d never met. I biked home crying and wrote this song to the beat of my pedalling. This was so long ago it’s really fine but, the song slapped so…”

And she’s not wrong. “Hardcore” is hinged around a dirty, throbbing beat that just doesn’t let up. If you’re not grabbed by the hook and the pre-chorus at the 1:45 mark then you’re just not listening right!

Similarly to the tale that inspired the song, the beat doesn’t necessarily feel outright angry, it’s more fuelled by Ghost Piss’s retrospective narration, her compelling retelling. She doesn’t miss a beat, crooning each line, words fall from her mouth with a glorious ease and cadence.

Filled with venom and bitter humour, Ghost Piss delicately sings the lyrics “I couldn’t wait to be your friend/and maybe fuck you know and then” leading us into the absurdly catchy hook.

The combination of the almost Garage beat and Allen’s ethereal voice makes for a heady concoction; you almost get the sense that this woman could tell you she liked your hair and to fuck off in the same breath, it’s hectic and chaotic and a little frightening in an exhilarating way.

The video accompaniment directed by Zach Ellis sees a less metaphorical and more literal embodiment of Ghosting. River Allen turns up for her date only to be stood up. She falls asleep and wakes up to her date – a Ghost! They then embark upon some shenanigans together, eating ice cream and lying in the park together, before he disappears and she wakes up, alone in the restaurant again. We’ve all been there sis. Watch and pre-order via Bandcamp below.

Rachel Chandler

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