GIRLI asks you to stop patronizing her in new song “Hot Mess”

Our favorite girl-power British rapper GIRLI is back with a brand new song “Hot Mess”, title track of her much-awaited EP awaited for September 26.

Known for her feminist and necessary lyrics, the artist doesn’t hesitate on calling out people who were asking her to be what they expect on every woman to be. This is her “Fuck You” moment, deciding to just be whatever the fuck she wants. About the track, GIRLI explains:

“Hot Mess” is about all the times I’ve been talked down to, patronised, told that I should change my songs, my look, my presentation… just because I’m a woman making music and not a guy. Women are allowed to be loud, to speak their mind, to wear what they want and not be shamed for it, to be taken seriously whatever makeup they have on their faces or however much of their cleavage is showing. This song is my way of saying that!

You can check the tracklist of her upcoming EP “Hot Mess” below. You can also follow GIRLI over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Tracklist EP:
01 Hot Mess
02 Mr. 10pm
03 Neck Contour
04 Can I Say Baby

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