GIRLI – Girls Get Angry Too

Everyone knows that this is my soft spot : strong girly pop with some touches of hip-hop. And Girli is definitely one of favorite in the kind thanks not only to her interesting music but also thanks to her crazy looks and her British accent. After releasing “ASBOys” and “So You Think You Can F**k With Me Do Ya“, she is now back with a new track “Girls Get Angry Too”, another impressive pop track.

Girli knows how to win our hearts with a strong song, taking source mostly in pop music but always adding her own special touch which is her rap about feminism and how annoying boys can be when they are around women specially if they are strong, powerful and sure of themselves. It is a common theme for Girli as she has dealt with it in her previous tracks, making her point every time. We are excited to hear more music coming from Girli and hoping this announces something bigger for her.

Bonus: A few months ago, she created her own show called simply “” where she mixes tracks of The Spice Girls (obvs), TLC (obvs) and some tracks for her. If you enjoy her universe, you might enjoy her girl power inspirations.

Matias Calderon

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