GIRLI says no to negativity in new video for “Mr 10pm Bedtime”

Taken from her “Hot Mess” EP out last year, British songstress GIRLI shares pink fun video for “Mr 10pm Bedtime”.

In the video, she fights against a boring, grey dressed neighbour, played by the artist herself, that doesn’t seem to understand all the fun noise coming next to her apartment. On the other side, a tutu dressed GIRLI is having fun, dancing throughout the song. Happily, the video has a joyful ending as the sad neighbour comes to her apartment to have fun. About it, the artist stated:

This video is FUN VS LAME, PINK VS GREY, GIRLI VS MR 10PM BEDTIME. The conclusion is that light and colour and positivity and fun conquer darkness and dullness and negativity every time. I loved the idea of the split screen and being able to see both characters interacting and clashing with each other from either side of the wall, like in the video for “Walk This Way” by Run DMC & Aerosmith. Look out for me in a grey wig, flying tutus and some dodgy dance moves.

“Mr 10pm Bedtime” is taken from her “Hot Mess” EP that you can listen here.

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