Grace Mitchell – Kids (Ain’t All Right)

Los Angeles-based 19-year old artist Grace Mitchell is starting 2017 with so much power! Coming back as a complete badass, her sound is getting more assertive in “Kids (Ain’t All Right)”

Going from a more pop vibe to a straight-forward rock sound, “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” is a classic in-your-face track. This year, she will playing at Coachella and we can’t wait to see how this will turn out, as she is ready to own her glitter stardom. About the track, she explained:

A tiny piece of my heart breaks when someone asks me what my music sounds like. It’s not their fault and we’re all guilty of it. I shed a little tear for every artist who’s been asked to define or categorize themselves. The very purpose of art is in the magic of the listener’s interpretation. Art is the truth that lies in the silence of an artist’s busy mind. Constantly bending, and abstracting, distorting and refracting, connecting and unifying concepts once the essence of an inspiring idea comes ashore like a special, invisible gift.

The day I walked into the session to write what is now “KIDS (Ain’t All Right)” was like any other day, with no exceptions. KIDS could’ve never even been written at all because I was bored and exhausted from staying out too late the night before, and in another dimension, it probably wasn’t… But that day, the loud colors of youth, frustration, corruption, aggression, agony and Kurt Cobain simmered ever so slightly under my skin.

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Matias Calderon

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