Grimes and Hana share a series of 7 new videos

During the two weeks European step as part of the “Ac!d Reign Tour”, Grimes and Hana filmed a series of 7 videos with Claire Boucher‘s brother and collaborator Mac Boucher. 4 videos are from Grimes “Butterfly,” “World Princess part II,” “Scream (featuring Aristophanes),” and “Belly of the Beat” taken from her last album “Art Angels.” The other 3 are taken from Hana‘s debut self-titled EP called “Chimera,” “Underwater,” and “Avalanche.”

The 38-minute-long video shows Grimes, Hana and their dancers dancing and performing their tracks in landscapes all over Europe, showing the beauty of the monuments facing the slow-motion dance of the participants.

Grimes stated over a tweet:

Matias Calderon

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