HANDSOME celebrates self-expression in “Late Night Ball Game”

Sydney-based queer artist HANDSOME celebrates closeness in the LGBTQI space in new track “Late Night Ball Game”.

As part of our the world decided that queer people are worthless, the young artist decided to celebrate our openess and capacity of uplifting each other. As you can hang with their gang, in what seems to be a great party, HANDSOME decided to share a piece of an experience every person of the community has faced, as explained in a statement:

A little over a year and a half ago, Joyride and I pieced this song together. ‘Late Night Ball Game’ is a song that is so close to my heart because it so captures what it is like to be stuck in your own head when you’re deeply worried about having to reveal a secret to someone you love. It follows the story of a person coming out to their friends, their family, their loved ones.

You can follow HANDSOME over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Debut EP “NO HAT NO PLAY” will be out in 2018.

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